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Women Who Rise: The One with Artist Katie Dorion


Katie is living her dream as a full time artist here in New Brunswick Canada; my home province!

She is incredibly passionate about giving back to her community and has helped raised money for countless causes that are meaningful to her through her art.

Just recently she started talking to local high school students inspiring them to follow their dreams and passions in life.

On top of all that she is super fun to follow on social media. Seriously, you are going to want to follow her ASAP! You will be mesmerized by her talent and you will no doubt get in a few laughs too because she's pretty funny to!

"I personally believe that one of the biggest setbacks people have is their own head. Their own insecurity wondering what other people are going to think. It's not their ability but their mindset." ~ Katie

Katie does a lot of custom paintings and would be happy to create the perfect master piece for your space. You can connect with her on her Facebook page.

Special shout out to Katie for sharing her time with us on, Women who Rise.

What's coming next?

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Episodes are aired live on Facebook here.

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