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Women Who Rise: #beccatoldmeto

Episode Five:

The One with Anne Schofield

You might know Anne as the mother of Becca Schofield.

Becca Schofield, was the Riverview, N.B., teen whose campaign to spread kindness became a global movement even before her passing in February 2018.

Becca's kindness movement is still going strong today and she continues to shine brightly on this world all the way from heaven.

Anne, now inspired by Becca, continues to spread her message on stages in schools and elsewhere and helps manage the Becca Schofield fund.

If you're feeling inspired to do an act of kindness in Becca's Memory please share it here and tag @tiffanyagnewinsipres .

Check out my kindness acts for Becca here


Join me for this very personal conversation with Anne


Check out my kindness acts for Becca here #BeccaToldMeTo

Donate to the Becca Schofield fund here

XO Tiffany

The Courage Coach

Tiffany Agnew, AKA, The Courage Courage Coach is the Founder of The Braedon Foundation, writer & mentor dedicated to living as bravely as her son Braedon lived.

She's passionate about building community for like minded woman who are ready to embrace their own bravery and give themselves permission to live fully alive no matter how badly their hearts may be broken.

Her mission is to help you women facing trauma and grief step back into the light so that they can not only survive but thrive in life.

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