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3 Best Friends Crush their Goals Together One More Time!

Updated: Apr 17, 2021

Teachers, momma’s and besties since Brittany was hitting it one more time these three girlfriends have been inseparable since high school. Soon after their graduation the three of them got their arts degrees together at UNBSJ and then their education degrees together at Presque Isle.

In 2019 these ladies all decided they would hit it one more time too. Once again all three besties and now busy mommas & teachers got their masters in education together while working and mommin’ full time!

If you are doubting what’s possible for you in your own life you are going to want to read on!

We reached out to these kick-a$$ momma’s to get the DL on their experiences crushing this pretty incredible goal.

Here’s what Kristie said: (featured in the middle above)

“Achieving my masters has been almost a surreal experience. It was something I always dreamed of, but did not think I could do it for multiple reasons.

...It was challenging at times, but having Suzan and Leanna beside me the whole time made for a wonderful experience and it felt like together we could conquer anything.”

Her Best Advice: “Follow your heart. There is never a perfect time, life always gets in the way, and when opportunities present themself, sometimes you just need to take the plunge, no matter how scary it may seem.”

Here’s what Suzan had to say: (featured on the left above)

“Achieving my goal felt incredible. I always thought it was out of my reach and something other people could do, but not me. It is definitely an amazing feeling and I'm so proud of myself!”

Her Best Advice: “My advice for others comes from a dear friend, Tiffany Agnew, who once said to look at goals step at a time. If you want to climb a mountain just start with what you're going to put in your backpack for the trip. Don't look at the whole mountain all at once, take it bit by bit. Also, friends supporting you and cheering you along make the experience so much easier and fun. I've also always had a saying in the back of my mind that says, Don't worry about the time, it'll pass anyway. Look at it as an experience you will have and not how long it will take”

Here’s what Leanna said: (featured on the right above)

“Achieving my Master’s feels like an incredible feat and also a relief! No more early morning Saturday’s spent in class and evenings spent on assignments, papers or presentations. “

Her Best Advice “My advice would be not to wait until life is less busy. If you work full time and also have children, you will always be busy. Enjoy the crazy ride. Oh and do it with friends if at all possible!”

Self-doubt is normal don't let it steel your dreams!

All of these ladies experienced self-doubt but they showed up anyways and I don’t know about you but I think it’s freaking incredible. Self-doubt is totally normal. Even some of the most successful people in the world experience self doubt. Jamie Kern Lima, who sold her company IT cosmetics for 1.2 BILLION dollars and has had dinner at Oprah’s house talks about experiencing self doubt in her book Believe. Marie Forleo who is an author, speaker and coach with a net worth of 14 million, guess what she talks about?

Self doubt doesn’t have to kill your dreams as these ladies have reminded us. You can worry about the outcome, questions whether or not you have what it takes and even be afraid of failing and show up anyways. Take it from these everyday women next door, kick-a$$ besties, momma’s and teachers you can got after your big goals and crush them too.


Suzan, Kristie and Leanna. Thanks for inspiring us and reminding us that our dreams are not out of reach and self doubt is totally normal.

Each of you should be proud of this incredible accomplishment.