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Live your BEST Life this Summer!

Have you ever felt disappointed as September arrives and summer comes to an end? Perhaps feeling the same way you feel at the beginning of the new year when the weight of not having taken any action on your goals suddenly hits you in the feels!

I get it. I lived most of my life feeling disappointed at the end of summer, at the end of fall, the end of the year. Definitely, at the end of the year. Why?

I’d be disappointed that…

  • I lived the same winter

  • I lived the same spring, summer and fall.

  • I lived the exact same year again

  • I didn’t grow

  • I didn't step outside my comfort zone

  • I didn't challenge myself

  • I didn’t run the race (both figuratively and literally)

  • I lived on the sidelines of my life.

I was just going through the motions and time kept slipping through my fingers before I could sum up the courage to take a single step. Can you relate? If you can, or if you just really want to ensure you have the absolute best summer, keep reading.

My BEST Tips for making the most of your Summer!!

  • Decide.

  • Plan.

  • Commit.

  • Follow through with action.

Like most things in life you will get what you put in. Want to live your best life this summer? It's on you to make it happen. You are responsible for your summer and your life.

I know it's boring, right? Still true though. That's how we create and live our best lives in Summer, in Fall in any season. We decide. We plan. We commit and we follow through with action.

Here are some additional suggestions to creating and living your best summer!

  1. Decide you’re going to have a great summer & plan for it.

  2. Reflect and figure out what a great summer looks like for you. Get specific and write it down. Set a few clearly defined goals for summer.

  3. If you have littles at home get them involved and come up with a summer bucket list.

  4. Create your own summer bucket list.

  5. Get it on your calendar! If you want to make sure you actually do the things you say you’re going to do, schedule them.

  6. Create small daily habits to help you crush your bigger goals. Struggling to make habits stick? Check out Atomic Habits. Trust me when I say you need this book.

Until next time,

Keep showing up, keep flexing your BRAVERY Muscles!

XO Tiffany


Tiffany Agnew is a motivational leader, founder of the Braedon Foundation, writer & mentor dedicated to empowering woman to become the best version of themselves by taking consistent action on their go