2020 has been a wild year. A year none of us expected and certainly, one that’ll stand out for us for years to come. Trips were cancelled, weddings were postponed. There were mini graduation ceremonies – virtually. Face time calls and girls’ nights and family reunions happening over Zoom. There were people singing on balconies around the world to honour and recognize front-line workers and the first-ever drive-by birthday party parades – these all stormed the globe. People lost jobs. Others lost entire businesses – some of those, legacy businesses that had been in families for generations.

Some lost their family homes.

For many though, the challenges were far greater.

Family and friends lost their lives. Some people lost their health to Covid. They contracted the virus, survived it, but the damage to their organs is long standing and possibly permanent. This means life-changing for those long-haulers.

Many were tragically denied the opportunity to say goodbye to loved ones who didn’t survive. Those victims endured their final moments alone. No family to hold their hands or to let them know how much they were loved and how much they’ll be missed giving new meaning to grief and agony.

Like many challenges in life though, there’s been plenty of opportunities for learning and growth and oftentimes, important life-lessons are thrust upon us without our consent and regardless of our preferences. Difficult times have a way of reminding us what’s truly important in life. They force us to look