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From Addiction to Purpose!

Embrace your BRAVE Sneak Peak Member Sarah Elizabeth: A transformation Beyond Weight Loss!

After years of substance abuse from everything from cigarettes, booze, marijuana to party drugs Sarah found herself deep into the rat race society forces upon us when she suddenly realized that she was unhappy with the quality of her life and the direction she was headed in. She ended a four year relationship, quit her dead end job and started releasing things that no longer served her.

Coming to terms with her addictive tendencies and letting go of vices that had held her prisoner for years Sarah was strapped with a new positive mindset and for the first time she found purpose in her work and life and felt empowered.

Soon enough with her new sober lifestyle unfolding she was able to start processing her deeper traumas and with that she started dropping the extra weight she was carrying too. As the metaphysical weight was lifted off her shoulders she had the space and capacity to release the physical weight as well; she's down 25 pounds. Now she is on the fast track to being the healthiest version of herself and has no plans to go back to her old ways.


  • Dead end job

  • Not motivated & uninspired

  • Unhappy relationships with herself and others

  • Years of substance abuse

  • (cigarettes, booze, marijuana & party drugs)

  • No energy

  • Dark and dreary outlook

  • Closed mindset

  • Feeling heavy

  • Numb

With her new lifestyle taking root Sarah says she feels magnificent!

“I have never felt more connected to the universe. Sobriety is the bees knees and everyday is a gift”


  • Chasing her boldest dreams

  • Motivated & inspired

  • Positive Mindset & outlook

  • Sober lifestyle

  • Energetic and full of life

  • Feels light and bright

  • Optimistic

  • Excited about life

  • Better relationship with herself and others

Her best advice to other ladies who might be struggling:

“If you really want to make some changes find an accountability buddy or group. I find it is often so much harder to do beneficial things for myself but when I am doing it for others I am often successful. If I don’t feel like working out, I do it because my accountability buddy worked out that day. When you set goals with the support of others you are more successful.” We couldn’t agree more! Community makes a huge difference.

What she is excited about now:

"I am currently working on my fashion design business. I am rebranding and releasing a capsule collection in the next couple of months & working to make my self employment dreams come true." Check out her Moon Wear Here!

Sarah is also excited to take on new physical challenges as well. She wants to up her running game, learn to climb and take on some multi-day hikes this summer.

If you would like help with your fitness goals or are interested in knowing about the fitness transformation tool known as Beachbody reach out to Sarah here for more information! She believes in you and would love to help you on your own personal transformation. Check out her brand new community here.

Thanks Sarah for letting us share your beautiful transformation from addiction to purpose. It's been incredible to watch from the sidelines and awesome learning more about your journey for this piece. I have no doubts it will inspire another woman out there.

XO Tiffany