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HAPPY NEW YEARS’ BRAVE WARRIOR! Here’s a special reminder just for you: 2021 can be anything you want it to be! To me, the crispness and wonderment of a brand sparkling New Year is where the real holiday magic can be found.

  • You have a blank slate

  • Or, if you prefer, you have a new canvas upon which to create your masterpiece

  • A book with 365 BLANK pages – not a single word yet written

And here’s the best part: The world is at your fingertips. You, my sweet friend, you’re holding the pen. You are powerful beyond belief. You can decide right now as we await the new year’s arrival. You can decide this year will be different. THIS year will be awesome! This year will be whatever you make of it.

What adventures will you begin? What stories will you write? You can create the story of a woman who decided to be BRAVE with her life this year!

  • A woman who decided to stop waiting for someday.

  • A woman who decided that she and only she could do the work and change her life.

  • A woman who got up and started living her boldest, most extraordinary, inspired and BRAVE life!

  • A woman who decided to live her IMPOSSIBLE!

You’ve been given the greatest gift. Are you feeling fortunate? Blessed and highly favoured?

Because you should!

The gift of TIME is one that not everyone gets to enjoy like you do. Not everyone received the divine privilege of being a part of this New Year.

Sadly, many won’t get to see February or March. I don’t say that to be grim or to scare you, but to light a fire inside you.

Here are my top New Year’s Wishes for you!

  1. COURAGE – so you’ll chase your biggest and boldest dreams

  2. CONSISTENCY – so you keep showing up every day for what you want, what you desire what you dream about for yourself. We can’t change our lives overnight. We have to do that hard work and show up again and again. Even when it feels like we aren’t moving the needle in the RIGHT direction.

  3. One workout won’t make you healthy, right? But just imagine for a second what working out consistently over the next 365 days will do. Do you think that might transform your health? A little bit? A lot? What do you think?

  4. BELIEF – I want you to believe in yourself like you never have before!

  5. Think of the level of belief you’d give to your best friend or to your kids. You wouldn’t tell them their dreams were stupid. You wouldn’t tell them they didn’t have what it takes. Stop saying these things to yourself. If you have a calling in your heart, it’s there for a reason. Listen closely. Follow that call.

  6. BRAVERY – to step further outside your comfort zone than you ever have before. Trust me when I say this…that’s where ALL the good stuff happens – the growth, the lessons, the golden nuggets of LIFE. Embrace THOSE!

  7. MORE – What?! That doesn’t make sense; what are you talking about? Hear me out! I know that you were made for more in this life. That can look like a lot of things because more is different for each of us. Here’s what I wholeheartedly believe you deserve no matter who you are or what your goals are:

  • More joy

  • More love

  • More contentment

  • More success

  • More happiness

  • More adventures

  • More fun and more laughter

  • I know that you were made for MORE

You can write any story you want and you’re standing right at the beginning of it. Doesn’t JUST that fill you with excitement? Anticipation? Dedication and commitment? My wish for you for 2021 is that you stop waiting, wishing and dreaming your life was different and you start taking action – seize your TIME – it’s yours!!! Take action and make your 2021 EXTRAORDINARY!

Until next time, I wish you all the success you’re willing to bravely step forward to embrace! And of course, if you’d like some help laying out YOUR 2021 Goals and Action Plans, I’d love to chat.

Book your FREE ‘Embrace Your Brave’ Clarity Call with me. Together, we’ll create a crystal clear vision for your success in 2021 and a customized action plan just for you. You’ll even get some helpful resources to guide you as you move toward your goals powerfully and confidently. Reach out to book your free session today XO Tiffany

Tiffany Agnew

Empowerment Coach, speaker & Founder of The Braedon Foundation After losing her teenage son Braedon in 2018 Tiffany committed to honouring him with her life. She absolutely refuses to waste what was taken from Braedon; the gift of time.

She’s now on a mission to help others be BRAVE with their lives too and believes that’s how we can become extraordinary. That’s how we can live our IMPOSSIBLE! That's how we can achieve more of our goals and live our best lives.

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