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Are you living your best life or just going through the motions sleepwalking through your days and your life? If you’re tired of living that way and ready to start creating and enjoying your best life, start implement these 5 daily habits into your life today! These five habits are part of our core values over in our private Brave Insiders Membership on Facebook; we call them our Daily High Five. We believe these five habits can help you dramatically improve your life and help you live a high vibe life!


  1. Practice Gratitude

  2. Move Your Body

  3. Self Improvement– Future Journal, personal development

  4. Health and wellness– drink H2O, Balanced plate/ Calorie Deficit

  5. Bravery

GRATITUDE: Adopt a gratitude practice. Every day write out 5-10 things, experiences or moments that you’re grateful for. Try to focus on things that have happened in the last twenty four-ish as opposed to just big overarching things in life life:

  • I’m grateful for my family

  • I’m grateful for my job

  • I’m grateful for my pets

Instead of this: I’m grateful for my family Try this: I’m grateful that I got to go sliding with the kids yesterday afternoon; we laughed so much. Big difference. Say it out loud right now I’m grateful for my family. Now try saying this out loud I’m grateful for (fill in the blank with a specific moment that took place in the last twenty four hours). For example: I’m grateful for the great conversation I had with my mom and my sister today- we had some good laughs. Feel the difference. “Gratitude turns what we have into enough” – Melody Beatie

MOVE YOUR BOOTY: It doesn’t matter how you move your body and it doesn’t need to be complicated. Simply strive to move your body for 30 minutes everyday.


  • Move your body for 30 minutes daily.


  • Find something you love doing! ( Step, hip hop, yoga, spin, swimming, treadmill, kickboxing).

  • Walk

  • Crank up the tunes and dance with your kids, dogs or partner in your living room.

  • Find a free video on youtube (Check out Yoga with Adriene and Get Fit with Rick)

Just move girrrrrl! It feels good I promise, you won’t regret it. Your future self will thank you for it.

Don’t think of movement as something you need to do to lose weight. Don’t think of it as a way to lose punish yourself for eating too much cake at your nephews birthday party (you’re totally allowed to eat cake even if you’re trying to lose weight). In all reality exercise actually doesn’t play a very big role in weight/ fat loss but it does play a huge role in longevity, in quality of life and in heart and brain health.

Did you know that of all the lifestyle changes you can make exercise is one of the best habits you can adopt to help reduce your risk of dementia? Yeah it’s true, exercise is incredibly beneficial for your long term brain health. I don’t know about you but that makes you want to sweat!

Pro Tip: Always exercise from a place of love not as a punishment for eating or overindulging.


How and what we think determines so much in life; it is imperative to adopt a healthy, growth mindset. Think about it. If you don’t believe that moving your body will improve your life in any way how likely are you to go for a walk or take a spin class?

It’s also really easy to get caught up in the hustle and bustle of everyday life and just keep pushing your goals off to the future when your life will magically be “easier” and “less busy.” How many times have you told yourself, I’ll start next week or I’ll start Monday? How many times did you lay your head on your pillow on a Monday night, Tuesday night or any other night feeling disappointed that you didn’t start Monday. That you didn’t start at all.

To Continuously improve your mindset, to benefit from the laws of the universe and to recommit & reconnect to your goals you need to be reminded daily of them daily. You need to feel what it feels like to have achieved them already.

So to clarify we want to adopt a healthy-positive-growth mindset and keep our goals connected to our minds, hearts, souls and well to the freaking universe too. (I know it’s woo but doesn’t mean it isn’t true). Oh and guess what, as you work to improve your mindset you build resilience too; seriously it just keeps getting better!


  • Write out your top 5-10 goals in your journal like they’ve already happened; do this daily.

  • Listen too and or read something to help you grow, improve or be inspired for at least 5-10 minutes a day.

HEALTH AND WELLNESS: There are two important habits in this category that will no doubt help you live your best life.

NUTRITION I don’t believe in diets. That’s right; I recently broke up with my diet and ditched all the rules that came with it.

Why? The decade I spent dieting trying to lose the 30 pounds I gained while attending college in my late twenties actually led to a 100+ pound weight gain (over the 10 years) and two eating disorders. Trust me when I say don’t do it. Try these radical ideas instead:

  • Listen to your body.

  • Eat when you are hungry

  • Strive for a balanced plate

  • Don’t label or demonize foods or categories of food.

Even if your ultimate goal is to lose weight you don’t have to ban any foods from your diet. I know all the diets out there try to convince us otherwise but the truth is you loose weight by being in a calorie deficit. It’s that simple. I know; it’s kind of a refreshing thought isn’t it. You can say goodbye to steamed broccoli and broiled chicken unless that’s your thing. If it is by all means, have at it!

Want to learn more about calorie deficit? I’m learning so much from these two businesses:

No nonsense, gimmicks, pills, potions, powders, special teas or drinks. Just real food + no ridiculous rules that demand you basically give up everything you love. H20:

This one is pretty simple. We are made of approximately 60% water and that means it’s basically like liquid gold for our bodies, our hearts, our brains and all of our organs. Strive to drink half of your body weight in ounces of water each day.

If you weighed 150 pounds that would mean you’d need to drink 75 ounces of water. Since I imagine you probably won’t be drinking from a shot glass that’s 2.2 litres. Most people need between 2-3 litres each day. SELF IMPROVEMENT

BRAVERY: Don’t let this one scare you; you don’t have to do anything dare-devilish. I’m talking about embracing your BRAVE. Embracing your BRAVE is a MOVEMENT. It’s about empowering, motivating and inspiring more people to truly live during their one and only like on this beautiful earth. It’s being 100% honest about the highest visions you have for your life. It’s peeling back the layers, removing your armour and declaring your biggest, wildest, most audacious goals. It’s about being being BRAVE enough to not only say them out loud but to get out there and boldly chase them. It’s about having big enough ovarijones to bring them to life! What does that look like in your life? It’s about practising everyday bravery. Like speaking up at work even when you’re nervous. It’s having the courage to have difficult conversations, maybe with your partner or friend. It’s showing up even when you cannot control the outcome. It’s speaking when your voice shakes and standing up even when you’re standing alone. It’s pushing yourself outside your comfort zone even when you’re curled up in there with a warm blanket, endless cups of the most deliciously brewed coffee and snacks for days.

It’s easy to get stuck in the day dream and live your life inside your head just envisioning the amazing life you want but not actually getting out there and taking the action to make your dreams come true. Make sure you come back to reality though and start implementing habits that can change you life.

XO Tiffany

Tiffany Agnew is a motivational leader, founder, writer and mentor dedicated to empowering woman to live their best lives and commit to their wildest dreams. She believes that we’re all stronger than we believe and that if we are willing to flex our BRAVERY muscles we can reach heights we never dreamed of. Reach out to TIFFANYDAGNEW@GMAIL.COM to book your free one on one Goal Getter Strategy Session. You may also be interested in:

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