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Group Coaching to help you recreate

your life after loss







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You've cried and cried but everything still feels meaningless and you don't know how to rebuild your life... 

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Give Yourself Permission to heal

You deserve feel good again & it starts with healing. You have to show up as a willing participant though. You have to choose and practice healing.

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Transform Grief
into Growth

Grief reminds you of what's most important in life & can even rekindle your deepest desires; making it a catalyst for positive change

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Reconnect with Joy & Discover who you are

Figure out what brings you joy in

this new season of your life, create meaning where there wasn't any before and build anew.

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I challenge people to make the impossible POSSIBLE

Healing can feel impossible but I promise you there is hope. 

After losing my son Braedon in 2018, I made a promise to him and to myself at his celebration of life. 

I made a promise to live my life as bravely as he lived his. Not long after making that commitment I found myself curled up on the living floor wondering how on earth I would ever have the strength to be brave. 

My entire body and soul ached as I laid there wondering how I’d live with a part of myself missing. Wondering if I’d ever experience joy again, laugh again or even smile again. I felt paralyzed by the life-sentence of heartache that would be my life but I still couldn’t stop thinking about that promise I made to my sweet angel. 

So from the darkest moments I’ve ever experienced, the scariest 

place I’ve been, I boldly decided that I would get through this.

I would be brave. No. Matter. What.

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I would honour Braedon with my life. With how I showed up in the world, how I’d serve, how I’d give back and how I would chase my wildest dreams. That’s how I would keep my word; that’s how I would live BRAVE like Braedon.   

I later added to my promise and set my sights on becoming the bravest version of me and inspiring others to be brave too. The sharp edges of grief remind us that life is both fleeting and fragile after all. 

I know it might feel impossible right now but you can learn to walk with your grief. You can build anew. You can create meaning where there wasn’t any and rediscover who you are in this new season of life. 

I have trekked through the deepest depths of sorrow and heartache and now I want to accompany you through your journey. I want to help uncover your courage because I know that deep down you are brave too. I know you are capable & worthy of surviving and healing and I believe that you deserve to live a beautifully abundant life too. 

Give yourself
to heal


Get started today

Learn new ways to
cope & walk with


Reconnect with joy
& build anew


Embrace Your Brave

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Time isn't guaranteed, don't let it pass you by

Grief is hard and ugly. It’s messy and complicated too. At times it's all consuming. It can pull the air from your lungs and swallow you whole. With my support though, you'll reclaim your power, discover new possibilities and see that life can still be meaningful after loss. 

I know that your heart is broken into a thousand tiny pieces and everything feels impossible. In order to move forward though, you have to be willing to heal. 

The struggle is; you feel like your grief is the only connection you have to that special person you are longing for. I promise you this isn’t true and I will teach you how to stay connected to the one you love.   

I believe that you deserve to live a beautifully abundant life. I am proof that it's possible and I truly believe it’s the best way you could honour the one you’ve lost. 

You know firsthand how fragile life is; you know that tomorrow isn't guaranteed so don’t wait another minute. Embrace your BRAVE Today.

Here's how we do it: 1. Give yourself permission to heal 2. Learn new ways to cope and walk with grief 3. Reconnect with joy and build anew.

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