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Heal Forward with one on one personalized coaching 

With Tiffany Agnew


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Are you ready for a guided intentional path forward through child loss bereavement with someone who gets the pain your in?

When I went to therapy after losing my son, my therapist cried while I spoke.


When I went to a support group for bereaved moms, the group leader talked about how she was looking forward to death despite the fact that she had other family and other living children too.   


I even tried a more religious type of support group but was turned off a few minutes after it started. The kicked off the meetings by receipting some none-sense about being powerless and that didn't work for me. 

I knew right away I wanted something different. I wanted a way to move through this; a way to honour my grief, my son and my life. 


If you're like me you want too... 

  • Learn to take it one day, one moment or one breath at a time when you need too. 

  • Learn how to cope with the pain of loss and live again without feeling guilt

  • Heal in a way that allows you to stay connected to your child or loved one in heaven.  

  • Reconnect with yourself and discover new meaning in your life. 

  • Open yourself up to happiness and joy. 

  • Live your life in honour of your child or loved one in heaven. 




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 Permission to Heal Forward

When you're ready you have to decide must first give yourself permission to heal. You will never get over losing your child or special loved one and that shouldn't even be the goal. You also don't have to stop living either though.

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 Create Your Unique Healing Practice

Create your unique healing practice & uncover power & strength you didn't know you had. This isn't about toxic positivity; this is about making the most out of the life you've been given and finding ways to honour your loved one and yourself too.

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Reconnect With What Matters Most to You

Life will be full of highs and lows & some of them will be crushing. Once you start to let the light back in and reconnect with your life you'll see that happiness and joy can coexist with grief and the pain that comes with it. Your life can still be meaningful and you can heal and live forward while honouring your child or special person in heaven.


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I challenge people to make the impossible POSSIBLE

My life was forever changed when I lost my teenage son Braedon in 2018. 

I know you might be feeling like you'll never be able to reconnect with joy, meaning or any of this stuff; I understand that feeling all to well. 

Living without my son felt impossible too. The idea of doing anything meaningful or ever thriving again was inconceivable.

It isn't though. I'm doing it; continuing to walk hand in hand, carrying my grief forward with me through life; living the impossible everyday. Healing forward. 


Once you uncover your unique healing practice and learn how to navigate this sea of grief you will see that you can survive this. You can learn to live again and I'm here to support, guide and mentor you along the way. Take my hand.... 

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The following month after her son Braedon passed Tiffany launched The Braedon Foundation in his memory.


She doesn't just teach about bravery and resiliency she embodies it every day. She practices healing & continues to learn, challenge herself & develop new strategies regularly. 

While the pain of living without Braedon remains, I continue to seek out opportunities to be brave and strive to live my best life for myself but also for him too.


I don't want to waste the very thing that was taken from him so I work on myself, I practice healing & I continue to life my life in honour of my son.  


There are losses that permanently change us & shake our worlds but they don't have to steal our joy forever. 


We can pick up our pieces, carry them with us and still live beautiful, meaningful and yes even amazing lives. We can heal forward. 


Don't give up. You are stronger, braver & more courageous than you've ever imagined. 

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Give yourself
to heal


Get started today

Uncover your
unique healing


Start living again & make room for peace, joy & possiblility. 


Embrace Your Brave

Time isn't guaranteed, heal foward

Grief reminds us that life is fragile & tomorrow isn't guaranteed. Don’t wait another minute. Embrace your BRAVE & start your healing practice today. 

Here's how we do it: 1. Give yourself permission to heal 2. Uncover your unique healing practice 3. Start living again & make room for peace, joy & possibility. 

We're all on different journeys but no one should have to walk alone. Let's walk together, let's uncover your unique healing practice and heal forward together.  XO Tiffany 

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